Dan Naoumson

"Keep your eye on that one"


Long Term Aspiration
Find what happened to his mother

Dan Naoumson came from a troubled family, Dew to an incident Dan and his little Brother Timothy arrived at the orphanage at the age of 11 and 6.

From early Dany had an interest to photography and discovery stating that everything is calmer in a picture. This hobby eventually led to him being employed by the Ipswich Times as a freelance reporter and photographer. Where for three years he explored the hidden places of Ispwich and unearthed interesting places. His most famous article was the “Laneways Coffee”.

When Dan was discharged from the Orphanage at the age of 18, on the books he returned to become a volunteer because Tim was still in the system, while this is true as all know it is the also the responsibility of the protecting the pack.

The Night Dan awakened was under a new moon, he believe has was snooping on something big but what it was he does not remember, insisted when he awoke the next day he was bloody, naked and his camera was lying in the bushes not far from him.

On the video was a recording showing Dan breaking in a yell of being spotted. Running down an ally. The camera was then thrown to the side and well. As the figures hunched over Dan, everything changed. There were screams, howls, fleeing and eventually the camera ended with a figure bearing a feral grin and piercing white eyes.

To this Day Dan is still in search for where his first turn happened.

After that night Dan’s hobby began to morph his interest, he began to see seek strangers in the crowd and explore places that many dare not dwell, for there is something out there in the spirit that is not right, as if he can feel shards returning anew. The Orphanage is his most sacred place and all those that enter are meet with his hidden gaze. As such he as gained a strong connect to Big Brother. For both protect what is theirs

Dan Naoumson

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